We’re here to help you automate even the most intricate operating processes for fast and lean manufacturing. Communicate, drive, control, monitor, and protect any process or component in your facility. With a full-line of electrical and mechanical solutions and unmatched engineering expertise, state-of-the-art technology and effortless automation is just a phone call away. See a wide variety of our automation products and capabilities, below.

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For the most diverse portfolio of industrial automation devices, call John Henry Foster. 从计时器和计数器到传感器和扫描仪, 以及人机界面和plc, 我们的十大靠谱网赌排行甚至可以自动化最复杂的操作. And for the more unique operations, we specialize in custom automation assemblies and systems.

  • 计数器
  • 温度控制器
  • 计时器
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为您的流程选择正确的条码阅读器非常重要. 拥有种类最多的激光条码扫描器, 基于图像的ID阅读器和连接设备, 十大靠谱网赌排行会帮你的.
  • 连接
  • 基于图像的ID读取器
  • 激光条码扫描器
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Electric 驱动和控制 from John Henry Foster set the standard in factory automation. Representing industry-respected suppliers of the most innovative solutions in automation, we have the products and systems you need to maximize your flexibility and efficiency.

  • 数控系统
  • 驱动技术
  • 人机界面
  • I / O系统
  • 电机及齿轮箱
  • 组合逻辑系统
  • 可编程逻辑控制器
  • 电阻焊系统
  • Sytronix驱动器
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John Henry Foster carries the widest selection of optical rotary encoders,感应式接近传感器, 磁接近传感器, 电容式接近传感器, 激光传感器, 光纤传感器, 和更多的. When your process automation relies on critical data, let the automation experts at JHF help.
  • 区域的传感器
  • 光纤传感器
  • 电感传感器
  • 激光测量传感器
  • 激光传感器
  • 微型光电传感器
  • 光电传感器
  • 压力/流量传感器
  • 旋转编码器
  • 采购十大靠谱网赌排行安全传感器,组件,光幕
  • 传感器的选择
  • 专用传感器
  • 超声波传感器
  • Wire-Saving系统
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JHF从事真空十大靠谱网赌排行已经超过75年. 随着我们的规模和能力的增长, we've set our goal to provide the best vacuum applications and vacuum technology.

建华代理阿特拉斯·科普柯等顶级品牌, 德克, 使惊讶, 节日, and Piab to provide our customers with the best products available. With our sales and engineering team assisting with the design process, you can be sure that you will end up with a high-quality solution.



工业 vacuum systems can be used in manufacturing and material handling for gripping, 提升, 移动, 清洁, 还有很多其他的应用. The systems typically consist of an electric or compressed air-powered pump, 过滤, 装阀控制, 臂端工装, 和真空杯或夹持器来完成所需的工作.

We design systems and sell a complete line of products to build complete systems in many industries, 包括汽车, 化学, 食品和饮料, 物流 & 仓储,包装,制药,塑料等.



At JHF, we represent top brands such as Atlas Copco, 德克, 使惊讶, 节日o, and Piab. To learn more about our selection of premium brands, select a product that fits your needs. 不确定您的解决方案需要什么十大靠谱网赌排行? 今天就去找当地的十大靠谱网赌排行代表.


Oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps are some of the most popular machine choices for centralized vacuum generation. The GHS vacuum pump line by Atlas Copco leads the worldwide market for rotary screw solutions, offering variable speed drives (VSD) to save energy for your business.


寻找无污染的真空系统? Atlas Copco has several completely oil-free vacuum pump solutions that help to save on maintenance and provide worry-free vacuum without any potential contamination of the environment or process.


Atlas Copco and 德克’s liquid ring vacuum pumps can be bought off the shelf or customized to your specific application to provide the perfect machine for the job. 这些真空泵适用于潮湿环境, 尘土飞扬的, and contaminated environments that are common in harsh industrial processes. Many of these workhorse pumps operate in food processing and petro化学 operations around the world.


使惊讶 diaphragm pumps are ideal for light-duty applications with relatively low flows (less than 4 cfm free airflow). 它们在运行时几乎是无声的.


阿特拉斯·科普柯和加斯特提供1-1500 cfm的活塞泵. Piston pumps are time-tested and heavy-duty pumps with long service lives.


使惊讶 regenerative blowers are built for low noise and maintenance-free operation. 他们可以提供低等级的真空水平高达185英寸. 水和压力水平高达284英寸. H2O与自由气流高达810 cfm.



直线运动用于取放操作的设施, 数控激光器和路由器, complex adhesive application or whenever super-precise and accurate positioning is required.我们将帮助您选择或设计线性运动系统, 异型轨道系统, 多轴装卸系统, screw assemblies and system components to fit your unique application
  • 线性轴套和轴
  • 线性运动系统
  • 多轴装卸系统
  • 异型铁路系统
  • 螺杆总成
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选择建华的创新安全十大靠谱网赌排行和解决方案. We have the products and engineering expertise to help you improve the functional operation of your equipment while helping to increase personnel safety, 效率和生产力. From safety mats and curtains to safety switches and relays and custom machine safety systems, 和更多的, we have what you need to maximize safe operations in your facility.
  • 锁定阀门
  • 快速排气阀
  • 安全激光扫描仪
  • 安全光幕
  • 安全垫
  • 安全继电器和附件
  • 安全开关
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Machine vision software and systems allow you to customize application performance to your specific needs. Our experts will help you choose and implement well-designed vision systems, machine process control and feedback products and solutions to automation any operation.

  • 配件(IA-MVS)
  • 相机
  • 智能相机
  • 软件
  • 视觉处理器
  • 视觉传感器
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移动, 商店, control and protect your products throughout manufacturing with material handling products and systems from John Henry Foster. Whether you're looking for products such as work-holding grippers, hoists, or conveyers...or in need of a uniquely designed system for your operations, we can help.
  • 液压夹紧
  • 手动拨动夹子
  • 气动夹紧
  • 气动夹具
  • 气动转台
  • 气动推力器滑梯
  • 工件夹紧配件
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John Henry Foster offers complete motion automation solutions for industrial applications. 从高精度阶段, 运动控制器,完整的运动系统, 我们会帮助你保持运营.

  • 联轴器(IA-MC)
  • 齿轮减速机
  • 线性安装十大靠谱网赌排行
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Precise tension control is critical for production processes that require constant tension of material such as converting lines, 绕组/解除, 切割, 涂布和印刷. John Henry Foster has the products and custom-engineered solutions for any tension control application.

  • 铝辊
  • 定制工程应用解决方案
  • 气动张力制动器
  • 张力放大器
  • 张力控制
  • 张力传感器
  • 零集和校准集
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